LADA 4x4
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Overall length, mm 37404240
Broadwise, mm 1680
Altitude control, mm 1640
Type of motor 4-cyl gasoline 16-valve
Cubic capacity of a cylinder 1690
Maximum boost horsepower, RPM 61 (83) / 5000
Maximum torque Newton-pH PRM 129 / 4000
Full speed, km/h 142137
Acceleration period, 0-100 km/h, s
City fuel economy, l/100 km
Rural road economy, l/100 km
Touring fuel consumption, l/100 km 10,811,2
Drive type Four-wheel drive (4WD)
Speed gearbox 5 MT
Curb weight, kg 185/75 R16 (92, Q)"
Permissible mass,kg 12851425
Trunk capacity, l 16101850
Fuel tank capacity, l 4265
Dials R 16"
Motor tyres 175/80 R16 (88, Р, Q)175/80 R16 (88, P, Q)
Wheelbase, mm 22002700
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